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the triple horse pictures mission:

triple horse pictures brings togther the best of modern technically sophisticated film and the self-contained convience of the classic studio system. with the ability and know-how to accomplish every aspect of production from script to screen, triple horse pictures tells stories that entertai, as well as inspire.


bolex h 16

High quality 16mm silent movie camera, used from the 1950’s well into the 80’s. Primarily used by tv news, wildlife photographers and the well-heeled amateur. Through the lens reflex viewfinder. Three-lens turret or zoom.


bell & owell 35mm sound

A full-sized Bell & Howell 35mm sound newsreel camera of the type used by Movietone News during the 1930s/1950s. 1000ft magazine. In fact,the entire camera is made of wood and is an exact reproduction. This item would be suitable for stage or display. Can take a close up without detection. Very lightweight.